Monday, January 9, 2012

Another One

Another digital piece I finished today, took about 2 hours and is in color! No process this time, just the final:
Looks a bit grainy since I worked in CMYK instead of RGB (it's gonna be printed). I like how it turned out - maybe a little more dynamic composition would have been nice, but I wanted almost an air of eerie calmness over the piece.
Also wanted to play with doing some smoke without the use of a specialized brush like my last piece. It was a bit tougher but I think it got across well enough.

Oddly enough, just saw the movie Contagion after doing this piece. Very creepy movie and well done. However, it really is more of less just a documentary for how we respond to epidemics disguised as a thriller. Not that that's a bad thing - it's all very fascinating - but I felt emotionally detached from everyone in the film, save for the last couple scenes. Still, a very smart movie that I highly recommend.

Uh, right. On to the next piece!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year!

Okay, so it's a new year, and looking back at 2011, gotta say that although it was a pretty kick-ass year, I didn't get as far with my art as I wanted to. So my new year's resolution is to keep practicing and get better! But then again, I make that resolution every year.

Anyway, did a quick little digital painting in grayscale and liked the way it turned out. I just wanted to experiment a bit with different brush types, since I always use soft edged airbrush settings, which is awesome but then gets me stuck doing blending and details for 50 hours. Instead, I decided to just try and do a quick piece using JUST hard edged brushes and some textured brushes I've had on PS forever but never used. Turned out pretty good.

This was the piece about 20 mins in, just blocking in some basics and getting the composition right. As you can see, that smoke brush I have is pretty awesome and really helped out a lot.

And here's the completed piece. Robot dude is standing a little less lopsided, and looks more intimidating. Also made the vehicles and people smaller, to give a much grander scope. It was a lot of fun to do and only took about 2 hours max.

Gonna really start ramping up my digital works, so I'll try and post some more work in progress stuff.

Happy new year!