Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Been Awhile,

Hasn't it? I'm updating my portfolio site with a couple pieces, but for now I've just been drawing, drawing, drawing, now that it's summer!
Oh, and watching Hulu Plus. Having 1000 Ways To Die and The Office at my fingertips is a dangerous thing.
Check out my portfolio ( for my new works. I'll post my latest one at the bottom of this post, which is a dragonfly man thing, which turned out really nice, actually. It's weird how different art styles can come together. I chose to do more of a comic-book look to the piece, with black outlines and layered colors. It's very different from most of my other PhotoShop stuff, which tends to involve just using brushes and erasing the outlines.
Anyway, I got the idea for the weirdo from this book: Fantasy Genesis, by Chuck Lukacs. Honestly I've had the book for about 3 years now, but just cracked it open. Yeah, I'm bad. But it's a great way to generate weird monstrosities to draw, especially when I have no particular inspiration. He has a blog for it too! I wish I had used it earlier, because now I'm all about playing the game!
Check out the thing below, and if you were wondering, he was supposed to be a Humanoid Dragonfly (main body) with Bull (minor forms) features. His surface was Turbine, which I made into a weird chest plate thing. His action was Recoiling head/torso and his emotion was Fear. Obviously he didn't come across as intended, because all he has are bull horns and his pose didn't lend to any 'fear' emotion.
Ah well, it was fun. I have more projects coming up, so stay tuned!